Rainbow Bridge

Macie will be missed terribly. Macie lost her fight for life not to long ago. Please help others like Macie by make a donation in her name. Hello! My name is Macie. I am a SUPER sweet 2 yr old girl. I get along with my doggie friends that I live with in my foster home and have a feline friend named Oliver. I adore little ones (2 legged kind) - and when one crys I will get up to check and make sure they are okay. If they are okay, I will go lie down again. When I sleep, I lay on my back on the sofa. It makes my foster mom laugh. My real mom must not have taught me the best manners because when I eat sometimes I burp. I say excuse me with my eyes but the humans never seem to understand that. My foster mom tells me that I have a very strange condition that they call "swamp cancer" or pythiosis. I am not sure what this is but it bothers me when I try to potty. I must have picked this up while out in the fields of east Texas before being picked up by the shelter. My foster mom has brought me to 4 different vets trying to get an answer and cure for me. I am eating only canned food and taking many pills (mom gives me these in cream cheese and I like that lots). My foster mom has contacted a very nice company called Pan American Vet Labs who has generously offered to donate my experimental treatment. I am trying to keep my chin up because my foster mom says she won't give up on me yet. My foster mom said my bills (not sure what those are but makes my foster mom worried) are about $2,000 owed to the vets that took care of me. I still have alot of treatment ahead of me - I just hope that kind people will help so that I can get the treatment I need to live. I hope some day to go to a forever home like my foster brothers and sisters. I have seen many brothers and sisters come and go since I have been here - and hope one day to be able to find my furever home. Here is the information on the condition that I contracted - now I am fighting for my life. Thanks for your help, Macie Moo (this is the silly name my foster mom calls me)

Our precious Chance could not overcome distemper that he contracted while in shelter. We did 2 rounds of NDV serum which he seemed to respond the 1st and 2nd time but then, went down again. Chance had the spirit and personality of an angel. I just wish we could have gotten him before going into the shelter so some lucky family could have experienced his love and caring nature that he gave to all that met him while with us. Here is his shelter pic where he is smiling on us, we tried hard to save you but the angels needed another friend to pet. I am sure he is happy to see his pyr buddies getting a new Chance at life that we were unable to give him. If you would like to contribute in memory of Chance, I am sure he would appreciate it. RIP my friend, you were very much loved if only for a short while. Chance lost his fight on April 13, 2012.