So you want to adopt?

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue Great Pyrenees! 


Fill out our application 

There are 4 short areas to the application form to complete:

  • your general information
  • home, yard and vet information
  • previous and current pet information
  • and information about the dog you are interested in.

NOTE: Please do not fill out the contract until instructed.

After completing the questions, you will click on the "Complete the Form" button at the bottom of the page.  This will complete your application. You will be directed to the My Rescue Page where you can review and print your application as submitted.  You will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted by a volunteer within 3 to 4 days. Please check your spam filter/junk folder as sometimes mail gets misdirected.

WE ARE EXCITED TO TALK WITH YOU:  After one walk with your new Pyrenees, you realize something when you finally get home: you're strutting! More often than not, people will stop their cars to ask ”What kind of dog is that?” And as you become more familiar with your Pyr, inevitably you begin chatting with these curious strangers, expounding upon the remarkable abilities and quirky little traits of your beloved pet. Very subtly, your pooch has become the neighborhood celebrity. And why not? Great Pyrenees are strikingly beautiful, dignified and composed. Even during playtime when they are at their silliest, a Great Pyrenees never loses its bearing and is always aware of its surroundings in the blink of a calm, collected eye. They bark, yes, some more than others—but that’s what they are supposed to do! They are flock guardians and are brave beyond measure, alert even in sleep, and love their ”flock”(you) with absolute abandon and devotion. As impressive as these magnificent creatures are to your neighbors, and no matter how friendly your particular Pyr may be, only you and your family will know how truly loving and magical they are—their love runs deep, and is reserved only for you.


Once you have spoken with one of our screeners, if you have been approved to adopt and are ready to fill out a contract, please click on the following link to get to our contract:

 GPRS Adoption Contract - Click Here. 


TO PAY YOUR ADOPTION FEE, please click here:



Great Pyrenees Rescue Society has used the transport services of Jeff Sweeney, with "YES I CAN TRANSPORT"  for a number of years.  Jeff has regularly driven the route between Texas and Pacific NW every month for several years with our pyrs on board.  This transport van has room for 12 -  16 dogs per transport, depending on the size of the dog's crate.  The majority of our dogs that are in foster homes in the Pacific NW traveled on this transport, and they will have a transport fee that is payable to this transport company once the dog is adopted.  If your adopted Great Pyrenees is in a Texas foster home and needs to travel to the Pacific NW from Texas, we are happy to arrange for a spot on the next transport with Jeff.  Jeff can also be reached at email:  If you would like to arrange for your own transport, then we are happy to work with you on that as well, getting your new family member ready for flights or other alternative methods of transportation.

To pay the transportation fee from Texas to the Pacific NW with Jeff Sweeney, please click here: